About Debbie Rayfield

Debbie Rayfield

A Lifetime of Health Care

Debbie has spent over 35 years in health care. Qualifying as a Registered Nurse at St Thomas’ hospital in 1977 she spent the next 10 years specialising in medical and intensive care nursing. The last couple of years of her nursing career were as a nurse tutor.

A holiday in Australia sparked an interest in alternative forms of medicine and lifestyle. Debbie then went on to study natural medicine, naturopathic nutrition and Homeopathy in Sydney.

She set up her private practice and managed The Fountain Centre, a natural health care centre in Sydney and Byron Bay over the last 25 years. She has extensive experience from clinic, teaching and practitioner education.

Debbie spent 5 years in rural India as director of a Buddhist retreat and meditation centre. She established a homeopathic hospital and outpatients programme treating over 3000 patients per month as well as a school for 500 children from the local community.

At present, Debbie is living back in the UK and continues her practice which is now mostly on line and so far seems to work well.

Debbie’s Health Care Philosophy

Debbie’s philosophy is simple. Nourish the mind to nourish the body. Nourish the body to nourish the mind. This can be achieved through nutritionally balanced food choices and wise lifestyle choices and as appropriate natural medicines. Changes in our health, resulting in illness, is part of the human condition. How we deal with and make choices about the management of our illness is up to us.

Debbie does believe in the many health, environmental and ethical benefits of a plant-based lifestyle but would never presume or pressure it on anyone. Ultimately, this is your decision. She hopes that through choosing to look into including more plants, natural medicines and holistic therapies you will develop more confidence and see the benefits. And will then spread the word.